Interior of a car with a large panoramic LED monitor showing the remaining part of the road ahead, not seen in regular cars.
Interior of a car with a large panoramic LED monitor showing the remaining part of the road ahead, not seen in regular cars.
Designed, modeled and rendered by the author

Screen sizes in cars kept increasing to merge with the instrument cluster and are now being renamed “hyperscreens” (see Mercedes-Benz EQS concept). This does not come as a surprise, it happened with phones and it’s happening with cars.

Auto manufacturers can stand out by rethinking the purpose of those huge screens and enhance the driving experience by improving visibility, as opposed to adding complex technology, and Sci-Fi UI to for radio channel selection or AC controls (new infotainment systems become harder to navigate through). …

Designing a system for the visually impaired to recognize color.

It’s been a year since I published my very first article and it was about solving a problem in accessibility. This problem bothered me for a good half of my life. I finally think that I’ve opened a door to its solution.

The Problem

a) Explain what color is to a person who was born blind
b) Help them further, by teaching them how to use that knowledge to design

Years ago I challenged myself to design a system for the visually impaired to recognize color, interact with geometric shapes, and use that same technology to perform design work. …

Designed by the author in Cinema 4D

Children aren’t idiots, and neither are we when it comes to preference in car seating — nobody wants to seat in the back. Unless you are being chauffeured in the back of a Maybach, a Phantom, or others alike, rear passengers are treated like second-class seatizens. The view is always obscured by the front seats and it gets exponentially narrower as you move away from it, so forget about taking nice pictures during a road trip. The legroom is also compromised due to the shallow floor and there is not enough storage.

After some research and reminiscing all the auto…

Designed, Modeled and Rendered by Aren Khachatryan in Cinema 4D

Multiple times a year we are witnessing amazing advancements in automotive design and engineering from small start-ups to the great giants competing for all of the consumers' dreams and needs. As a result, cars are projected to become smarter, safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible. We are also doing great in the department of aesthetics, as we have a surplus of astonishing exteriors and stylish interiors, offering all styles like retro, modern, and futuristic. It appears that now humanity has all of the checkboxes ticked in the list of automotive achievements!

While that may be true, I think there is…

Collision safety in the automotive industry has not seen major improvements in over 3 decades. Nevertheless, we should all be thankful for all the minor improvements, such as the new generations of seat-belts, airbags, various electronic crash prevention systems (blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist/warning, automatic braking, etc.) and new alloys and composites that allow for a light yet rigid frame construction.

Unfortunately, no amount of tech or material science will ever be able to prevent the inevitable impact of a collision. This is why, humans still need to rely heavily on the mechanical safety features that surround the occupants.

In modern…

The Horizon Splitting Heaven from Earth — a photo I took in Kailua Beach (Oahu, Hawaii 2017)

In this article I will explore an alternative way of filtering the search results within a mobile e-commerce platform. It is a case study of Amazon’s and eBay’s current filtration methods, but nearly all other online shopping tools offer a similar experience. I will show you how a simple dual screen mode (a split-screen) can improve that experience drastically. In general, there are 4 aspects that influence any shopping experience:

  • Content
  • Search
  • Filtering
  • Sorting

Content needs to be fresh/trendy, accurate and be rid of duplicates. Search has to be smart, topical and show suggestions and categories in the dropdown. Filtering…

During the eight years of my experience as a product designer, I have come across many challenges in design and other aspects of problem-solving. Some were relatively easy, others required more time and effort. However, there was one problem that bothered me the most, as it remained unsolved for years. It had nothing to do with my professional career or academics, but was rather a personal call that made me feel responsible as a designer. Today, I may have opened the door towards its solution.

My name is Aren Khachatryan and four years ago I challenged myself to design a…

Aren Khachatryan

I am a designer with scientific/engineering background. Originally from Yerevan, Armenia, but have lived all my adult life in Seattle, WA :)

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